Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Online Shop Fever

Lagoi actually fun. But i'm desperate with no malls and places to hang out. Just forest, construction projects, and boys. I need new shoes, new clothes, new cutie rings, earrings, necklaces :(

Hmm...let's browsing clothes on online shops. First let's find out a dress. 
dress by berrybenka.com
is it good enough? yeah, it's so cute and wearable here. hahaha.. Now looking for shoes. wedges or flat shoes? let's take a look and compare. 
shoes by berrybenka.com
and the bags..
and of course accessories..
wooowwww...everything is cute. But thought the shipping cost to get all that cute things here is sooo expensive make me think twice to but it all. What i miss Tana Abang so much :(

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